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 Aaron J. Schieding


Aaron J. Schieding is from New Hampshire, USA, has travelled all over America, and has been to Canada, Japan and Thailand. In his free time, he enjoys seeing movies, playing MMORPGs, watching documentaries & anime, and reading nonfiction books. He has always been curious about science and history. He believes that we must learn from the past and from those who came before us. In college, Aaron originally studied computers, but ended up changing to a major in English. He loves to write and appreciates the power of the written word. He is also a musician and has written dozens of song lyrics over the last decade.

Aaron has a B.A. in English from the University of New Hampshire. He has an onsite TEFL certification from Kaplan International English. He also served as an assistant instructor in an adult ESOL program. Aaron enjoys helping others to improve their English and looks forward to working in the field professionally.

Aaron is the author of A Spirit In Motion (2015), a non-fiction book about the spirit, soul, and afterlife. He has also been published in Business NH Magazine (June 2016). He was also awarded the 2015-2016 English Scholarship Award for academic excellence at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, with his essay “Dracula: Pierced by the Bite of Spiritualism”. The essay details evidence that Bram Stoker was influenced by connections to the Spiritualist movement, which affected his writing of Dracula. This and other academic essays appear in his writing portfolio at


A Spirit In Motion (October 2015)

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